Minding our -Kees and -Ques

Chris from Monroe, WI, listens to our podcast and hits us with some local knowledge:

I was listening to the show this morning and there was a question about Waunakee being the only Waunakee in the world because the one in New Jersey – Wanaque – is spelled differently. I now live in Wisconsin, but grew up in New Jersey and actually lived in Wanaque for about 3 years. Waunakee can definitely claim that they are the only Waunakee, not just because of the spelling but because of pronunciation – Wanaque is pronounced Wana – queue not Wauna – kee.

While it seems that most people pronounce it “-cue,” we did uncover a number of sources supporting the “-key” pronunciation. Take a listen to Barry’s question in round 1 and let us know how YOU say it!

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