Galaxies! The cosmos! A plethora of planetary pantheons!

David, who hears us ON KUOW Radio in Seattle, writes to us about our recent new show from Sacramento (SY 2412), Round 1 at “What’s the Difference?” in “Exploring Science”:

“I hope no one attempts to complain about oversimplification of theoretical physics. As an editor who had much to do with the preparation of the manuscript that became The Elegant Universe (by Brian Greene, the first pop science book to explain string theory), I’m delighted to chirp up that I wish we’d ever digested it so succinctly as you folks did. And that I especially loved hearing it described as a “universe of Nothing But Music” because that’s what I wanted the book to be called: Nothing But Music. That ended up the title of a section-starting chapter, the best three words of it that I was responsible for.”

Wordplay While You Work

Tim, who listens in on VPR in Northfield, VT, writes in:

“Hi! Listening to podcasts is getting me through the quarantine isolation — Actually podcasts are my favorite distraction while doing other things, from exercise to raking the lawn to cooking and dish-washing. “99% Invisible” is one of my favorites; you may well know it.”


Cricket, who listens on KTOO Radio in Juneau, Alaska, writes:

I am sitting here listening to Says You! on my computer, on KTOO radio, wishing that you could prevail upon the people at WAMU radio to ditch Here and Now or As It Happens (two shows with way-too-nosy-and-intrusive questioners) or Ask Me Another (LAME) and put on Says You! in this time of trouble and angst.

“Until the pebbles grow into boulders covered with moss—the haiku of national anthems.” (Japan)

Anthems are an aspiration and so is wishing you’d get on with it!

PLEASE!  We need it now.

Putting the F-Troop in Frontier

Tony Lima, who listens in from Silicon Valley, writes:

Last night my wife Norma and I watched “A Serious Man.”  The ancient TV series “F-Troop” plays a key part.  Later I was listening to my “Says You!” archive.  Episode 1304 featured a series of questions about the Old West.  One of the questions was the role William T. Orr had in fictionalizing that era.  The answer: He was a producer whose credits include “Colt 45,” “Sugarfoot,” “Maverick,” and “F-Troop” (among many others).  Interestingly he also produced “Surfside Six” and “77 Sunset Strip.”

Thanks for writing in our direction – WEST! We have referenced F-Troop in the past at least twice, both in SY108 and SY803!

Words are a Life Saver!

Kudos to Melanie, who listens on KUOW in Seattle, she writes:

Hello! I’ve been collecting words for the bluffing round as I’ve come upon them for most of the past year – but was too busy to send them in.. until recently, when I find myself with quite a bit of extra time. I hope you enjoy these words – there are 8, and you are free to use as few or many as you see fit. Wishing everyone safety and health during this strange time, and thank you for the podcasts. They’re a life and sanity saver!

Thank you for sending these in! If you’ve got material you’d like us to use on the show – send us a round of “What’s the Diff;” “Definitions and Derivations,” “Odd Man out,” “Where in the world?”  or an original category you’ve been thinking about and finally have the time to ship off (in any condition.)  Just head to Got a Good One on our main menu.  You can always write to us at

Shelter in Poetry

Craving an escape from politics and pandemics? Try a panacea of poetry!  Arnie Reisman’s new anthology is packed with immunity-boosting insight.  Explore new territory (Arnie’s mind) without the downside of air travel.

Arnie Reisman shares his thoughts in poetic form. It’s April -America’s national poetry month – and this April is a perfect time to read, write, and think.

“Keep washing until hope shines through

I feel I’m living through the pages cut
From the first printing of the Book of Job
(The God-approved edition)
It was some segment about the threat
Of end of days or evolution of species

I feel I’ve been given the job
Of finding where to punctuate
A run-on sentence heading for the final period
At a time when all pens,
Pencils & cursors have vanished…”

CLICK HERE to read the full poem by Arnie Reisman at the Vineyard Gazette.

Read more on our latest Says You! newsletter.

String Theory

Evelyn from Middleboro, Massachusetts writes:

“Must admit this last week’s science questions had me flummoxed…string theory??? Black holes? Certainly didn’t study those in science many years back. I have a general knowledge of what they are, and was good to be challenged with something new.”

Thank you, Evelyn! If you’d like to be RE-strung, find show number 2412 from Sacramento on our podcast.