Putting the F-Troop in Frontier

Tony Lima, who listens in from Silicon Valley, writes:

Last night my wife Norma and I watched “A Serious Man.”  The ancient TV series “F-Troop” plays a key part.  Later I was listening to my “Says You!” archive.  Episode 1304 featured a series of questions about the Old West.  One of the questions was the role William T. Orr had in fictionalizing that era.  The answer: He was a producer whose credits include “Colt 45,” “Sugarfoot,” “Maverick,” and “F-Troop” (among many others).  Interestingly he also produced “Surfside Six” and “77 Sunset Strip.”

Thanks for writing in our direction – WEST! We have referenced F-Troop in the past at least twice, both in SY108 and SY803!

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