The Beat Goes On!

Lot’s of buzz about the musicians Says You! has had the pleasure of working with recently. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the Musicians Archive page on our pull down tab–simply go to Who’s Who? on our menu bar and follow the links.

Just before the holidays we hooked up with the Steep Canyon Rangers–great bluegrass. On March 4 PBS will broadcast Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers featuring Edie Brickell Live – check your local listings as they may vary.

The last few weeks have featured Polygraph Lounge – Rob Schwimmer and Mark Stewart – music and comedy duo. We caught Rob just after his visit to CBS Sunday Morning where he dazzled viewers with his theremin–ahh, you wondered about the strange sounds you heard. Mark was packing to head out on tour with Paul Simon again.

We are thrilled to have return visits from both Perla Battala and Irene Sazer and The Real Vocal String Quartet this February – all part of our trip to San Francisco. Happy listening!

Flag This Entry

Listener Paul Kennedy writes:

In one of your questions you made reference to the flag that flew over the
Alamo. In your answer you said the flag had 1836 written on it. That is

The flag that flew over the Alamo during the battle was a red, white and green
tricolor flag with 1824 written on it – referring the ratification of the
Mexican Constitution. The flag may or may not have had the eagle that adorns the
current Mexican flag.

Thank you, Paul, you are correct. Our research efforts seem to be flagging!


Thanks to:  DR. BARRY JOHNSON who wrote concerning our definition of a ‘bolt’:

Bolts can be 40 or 100 yards long and width is typically 45″ or 60″, but can be from say 30″ to 108″.  The length also can vary based upon the type of material such as canvas which, as I recall, is 39 yards.  40 yds typical of retail stores and 100 yds typical of commercial business making clothing.

Great program!