Paul Magid – Guest Alum to star in Miramax Production

Paul Magid – Says You! guest alum is currently working on a Miramax production with co-star Isabella Rossellini. The film is called Silent Retreat and is about two couples’ misadventures at a rustic/glamorous country retreat. Paul is Rod, the Groundskeeper.

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Same Mame, different Name

Alan from Miami, FL writes –

“Okay, first of all I love your show, but I have to get this out before my head explodes. Its Saturday night and I am listening to your show in Miami, and I am screaming at my radio in my car in the most loving and respectful way I possibly can. It is because of your Broadway question at the top of the show. I will just get to the point. Ok, Auntie Mame and Mame are two completely different shows that are both based on the same woman and the same book called Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis. Auntie Mame is the non-musical version that preceded the musical version that is simply called Mame. Both shows had broadway runs and Auntie Mame definitely starred Rosalind Russell on Broadway AND the amazing film version that followed. Mame the musical version came later and starred Angela Lansbury on broadway and when it came time to make the film version of the musical they went with Lucille Ball in the title role.

So, the question that you asked in its original form, the correct answer would have been Rosalind Russell in Mame because Rosalind Russell was never in Mame because she was in Auntie Mame.”


While the panel got stumped on semantics we did issue a correction at the end of that very same show. To say the least, everyone here at Says You! has been sent a directive to watch the original Auntie Mame! Thanks to Alan for the clarification and reaching out.

Says You! Stars Win Grand Prize for Screenplay

Martha’s Vineyard resident Arnie Reisman’s screenplay, Rembrandt Has Left the Building, co-written with Nat Segaloff, has won the grand prize at the Electric City screenplay competition hosted by Film Schenectady.

The screenplay, based on the still unsolved 1990 art heist at Boston’s Isabella Stuart Gardner museum, was chosen winner in the feature division from among 153 submissions to the competition.


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NEW Live Shows in NY November 1&2

NEW live shows coming to NY on November 1st and 2nd. Help us celebrate WRVO’s 50th birthday bash! Browse tickets for Syracuse and Utica on our site now following the link below!


Our friends in Concord at 51 Walden deserve a hand

It’s a Wrap!
“We did it–we are thrilled to report that Access 51 was a resounding success and we’ve met our half-million dollar goal! It was quite a challenge but one we had to tackle to ensure the continuation of the performing arts in Concord. Getting older sometimes means we have to repair a few creaky joints. Such was the case with Concord’s treasured building at 51 Walden. Since 1887, the historic structure at 51 Walden Street has served the Town and surrounding communities as an armory, a meeting place for the Concord Minutemen and the American Legion, and now as home to The Concord Orchestra, The Concord Band, Opera51, The Concord Players, and several dance programs.
In 2017, it was apparent that the building did indeed have a few creaky joints. Even more important was the need to bring the building up to state access code. The work would be expensive, at least $300,000 in fact. It wasn’t the first time 51’s bones needed to be shored up, so this time, the 51 Walden Board and the three Resident Performing Arts Groups made a long term plan. They decided to raise a whopping $500,000 to do the immediate work needed and to create an emergency fund for the leaks and creaks that will surely present themselves in the future.
The Access 51 Campaign began in January of 2018 with a kick-off that included Joyce Kulhawik, Honorary Chair of Access 51, then-State Representative Cory Atkins, and Town Manager Chris Whelan. Chairwoman Dorrie Bean, Board president Gail Penrod, and members of the Access 51 committee worked the phones to personally solicit funds. Soon the town-wide appeal was on, with coverage in local papers and a mailing to everyone who lives in Concord. In the end, more than 282 individuals made contributions, ranging in size from from $25 to $50,000. An artful, professional multi-page case statement designed by Tracy Wall of The Concord Players was a valuable tool for visits to prospective funders. It was not only beautifully crafted, it was evidence to prospective donors that the committee had done its homework and was qualified and prepared to steward the funds.
The campaign enjoyed 100% participation from the boards of The Concord Orchestra, The Concord Band, The Concord Players, and 51 Walden. Five thousand dollars from the MetroWest Foundation, $100,000 in Community Preservation funds, and $40,000 from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund helped to bring the total to just over $507,000. The committee also produced two special events that not only brought in funds, but brought the community closer together. A concert by Emmy Award-winning pianist Paul Sullivan raised over $10,000, thanks to Dorrie Bean’s persistence and artful persuasion. A Hurly-Burly Vaudeville Extravaganza in March of 2019 brought every tenant in 51 together to perform for a sold-out house. Local purveyors of food and wine pitched in, offering treats and beverages either as donations or at cost.
Now, thanks to all that hard work and the generosity of so many, little girls in tutus, hip-hoppers who leap and roll, and tap-tap-tappers can continue to dance with abandon. Music continues to flow through the hall in a joyous sound, and audiences and performers alike can experience the shared dramatic connection that only happens when the lights go down and the curtain comes up.
Most important, people of every age and every ability can access the building and its renovated bathrooms more easily; even the stage, thanks to a $22,000 lift donated by the Concord Players.
This was truly a community effort, and we are so grateful for the generous support of so many people. We look forward to thanking you personally at one of the many exciting events this season. Check them out at
                                                Linda McConchie

Low Lily – Woodstock

Flynn Cohen and Liz Simmons from the band Low Lily joined Says You! as guest musicians while in Woodstock.

More on Low Lily can be found here on their website

Flynn composed two pieces just for this show.  One is the “Says You!” opening theme and the other is a tribute to the late John McGann.  John played with Says You! for a number of years – and knew the answers to many, many of the questions. John was a highly talented and exceptionally well-regarded musician, who made art of the mandolin.
Here is the setlist from the live Woodstock show.
Theme – Hangman
1. The Girl Who Broke My Heart and Murphy’s Hornpipe (2:25)
2. Wondertwin Flowers (2:15)
3. The Good Part (2:36)
4. The Dogwood (2:50)

A Mensa-worthy Romance – Says You! Presents at Mensa Convention

Says You! drew a standing-room-only crowd at Mensa’s 2019 Annual Gathering in Phoenix on July 6th. A first for the Says You! squad. Dave Zobel and Carolyn Faye Fox presented a Mensa session specifically highlighting public radio’s Says You!

“Head writer and occasional host Dave Zobel draws aside the curtain for a backstage peek at the show’s origins, its history, and its six wisecracking, fast-thinking panelists, who spend an hour each week trying to outdo one another in punnery and cleverness … while only occasionally getting around to giving actual answers. In the words of Says You! creator and original host Richard Sher: “It’s not important to know the answer; it’s important to like the answer.”

Mensan and Says You! contributor Linda Ferrazzara wrote the story behind “How I fell in love with a radio show… and what happened when it loved me back” see featured in the Mensa Bulletin article below.

Well, Whaddya Know?

Ralph from San Pablo writes-
“Ya miss one show this year, and it turns out to be the one that puts the House of McCaskey into the Hall of Fame! Fortunately, we heard from a few friends (some absent for years) about it.  Thanks for the app – we were actually able to hear it with our very own ears!”
We received a letter from San Pablo, California…and it reminds us all to tune in each week. If by chance you miss a show, it will be available on our podcast one week after we have gone to the national airwaves as the House of McCaskey learned.

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