SOMETHING NEW FOR SAYS YOU! The ‘9-Tease’ Remix with the Original Six

In 1996 Says You! rolled out as a half-hour. NOW, these early episodes have just been remixed and remastered. Join us this weekend for something NEW – Says You! Repartee, repurposed for today’s entertainment needs.

After a deep archival dive into our 600+ shows, we emerged with games that have NEVER been podcast and most have been aired just once or twice. Why? In 2006 Says You! grew from a half-hour of hilarity to an hour. Now, ten perfectly preserved seasons can be heard again.

Most of us will hear these questions and quips for the very first time.

New format, same game. Instead of five rounds with a running score, these 60-minute shows sport nine rounds. Richard Sher hosts as our intimate, invitation-only audiences cheer on three games at each performance – a total of 15 rounds! We’ve selected the NINE rounds that play well with others. Enjoy Says You! in our amateur age – filled with bon mots and blunders that are as ‘fresh’ as ever.


Says You! will release the first decade of shows to our Archive for Father’s Day.  Just head to SHOP on our website.  Individual episodes are available for purchase at $1.95 each.  SEASON BUNDLES are DISCOUNTED 50%.  Seasons 11-20 available now.
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Shelter in Poetry

Craving an escape from politics and pandemics? Try a panacea of poetry!  Arnie Reisman’s new anthology is packed with immunity-boosting insight.  Explore new territory (Arnie’s mind) without the downside of air travel.

Arnie Reisman shares his thoughts in poetic form. It’s April -America’s national poetry month – and this April is a perfect time to read, write, and think.

“Keep washing until hope shines through

I feel I’m living through the pages cut
From the first printing of the Book of Job
(The God-approved edition)
It was some segment about the threat
Of end of days or evolution of species

I feel I’ve been given the job
Of finding where to punctuate
A run-on sentence heading for the final period
At a time when all pens,
Pencils & cursors have vanished…”

CLICK HERE to read the full poem by Arnie Reisman at the Vineyard Gazette.

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Reserved Seating NOW Available for San Bernardino The Witcom

RESERVED TICKET: $45.00 for reserved seating now open for purchase. In collaboration with ASIE, Says You! will be donating your ticket sales for select seats at The Witcom in San Bernardino to Autism Society Inland Empire to support their effort to offer services and programs to improve the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities.


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San Bernardino – The Witcom

East coast regulars including culture-critic Carolyn Faye Fox and veteran TV host Barry Nolan, are joined by returning west coast champions. Deb Hiett, Doug Palau, Nat Segaloff, Sabrina Wind.
Saturday, January 25 radio will meet television in one unique performance titled The Wit-com. Why? Because most of the Says You! cast launched their careers in east coast media, then moved on to the west coast. Today, these talented folks write, produce and act in numerous TV sitcoms.
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Paul Magid – Guest Alum to star in Miramax Production

Paul Magid – Says You! guest alum is currently working on a Miramax production with co-star Isabella Rossellini. The film is called Silent Retreat and is about two couples’ misadventures at a rustic/glamorous country retreat. Paul is Rod, the Groundskeeper.

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Same Mame, different Name

Alan from Miami, FL writes –

“Okay, first of all I love your show, but I have to get this out before my head explodes. Its Saturday night and I am listening to your show in Miami, and I am screaming at my radio in my car in the most loving and respectful way I possibly can. It is because of your Broadway question at the top of the show. I will just get to the point. Ok, Auntie Mame and Mame are two completely different shows that are both based on the same woman and the same book called Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis. Auntie Mame is the non-musical version that preceded the musical version that is simply called Mame. Both shows had broadway runs and Auntie Mame definitely starred Rosalind Russell on Broadway AND the amazing film version that followed. Mame the musical version came later and starred Angela Lansbury on broadway and when it came time to make the film version of the musical they went with Lucille Ball in the title role.

So, the question that you asked in its original form, the correct answer would have been Rosalind Russell in Mame because Rosalind Russell was never in Mame because she was in Auntie Mame.”


While the panel got stumped on semantics we did issue a correction at the end of that very same show. To say the least, everyone here at Says You! has been sent a directive to watch the original Auntie Mame! Thanks to Alan for the clarification and reaching out.