Introducing Alisa Amador

Once a student of Laura Sher’s, now a self-possessed young lady and mellifluent musician – Says You! is pleased to introduce our listeners to Alisa Amador. If you loved her performance on our shows, listen to all of Alisa’s music on Spotify, Facebook, and Bandcamp!

A New Episode from Boston!

Celebrate a legacy of human rights and a new year with Says You! at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts. Listen this week on your local station!


Happy Holidays!

New Shows from where the Buffalo Roam


This week we aired our last of four brand new episodes from our first trip to Montana. Catch up or listen again with our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play Podcasts, Stitcher, and just about everywhere else podcasts are found (even on the Pandora mobile app! Just look for us in ‘Comedy’).

This season all of our musical interludes are played IN FULL exclusively on our podcast! If you loved The Dirt Farmers in Bozeman, or Big Sky Trio in Billings, listen to their full Says You! performances!

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Home for the Holidays – Tickets this Week!

Says You! returns to the Greater Boston area this winter for our Home for the Holidays Special at Walnut Hill December 27 and 28! Tickets and details are on the way, so mark your calendars for this holiday event!

Arnie Reisman and Nat Segaloff’s “The Waldorf Conference,” this weekend on L.A. Theater Works

This weekend L.A. Theater Works continues California Month with a dark chapter in Hollywood history. On November 24, 1947, the most powerful men in American film met in New York’s plush Waldorf-Astoria Hotel to decide how to address the Communist witch hunt being carried out by the House Un-American Activities Committee. Twenty-four hours later they emerged having created the Hollywood Blacklist. The Waldorf Conference by Nat Segaloff, Daniel M. Kimmel and Arnie Reisman dramatically speculates on what went on in that room.

Visit L.A. Theater Works to find out when your local station is airing this radio event – or listen now below.

Buffaloed in Bozeman SOLD OUT!

Says You! Live in Bozeman – Buffaloed in Bozeman – is sold out! Thanks to everyone who is clearly VERY EXCITED to see us in just a few weeks. Tickets are still available for our second Montana show at MSU Billings on November 10. Don’t miss your chance to see Says You! LIVE during our first trip to Montana and reserve your seats today. Special student tickets are available, as well as VIP tickets which offer premium seating and an intimate Q&A with the cast before the show.


Listen This Week For Our 22nd Season Premiere!

Says You! kicks off its 22nd Season this week! One of the longest-running game shows in American history, Says You! takes pride in being as ‘fresh’ as ever. This season promises to excite with featured guests from last season, including Lexicographer Erin McKean, Filmmaker Alex Horwitz, Playwright Deb Hiett, and world class music from groups around the country, including Juice of Boston, Lydia Luce of Nashville, and Free Planet Radio of Asheville.

Our season begins with episodes from the island of Martha’s Vineyard, starring our original cast – Playwright Arnie Reisman, Award-Winning Broadcaster Paula Lyons, Culture Critic Carolyn Faye Fox, Playwright and Broadcaster Tony Kahn, Producer Francine Achbar, and Veteran TV Journalist Barry Nolan. This makes the first time our debut panel has played together in more than four years. To begin our season, Says You! Head Writer Dave Zobel steps up to the lectern. Serving up everything you’ve come to expect from Says You!: brainy, challenging, hilarious, and erudite fun.

Season Twenty Two of Says You! airs on Public Radio stations across the country beginning this Friday, September 28th. To listen on your public radio station, visit our Find A Station page here:

Thanks for listening and as always – we’re at our best when we get your questions, when we get your comments, and most of all, when you show up!

Spotlight Round: “Golden-Tongued Devils”

Celebrate a new season with a spotlight round of “Golden-Tongued Devils”

Some of the great catchphrases of our past come from Madison Avenue bon mots and malapropisms.
See if you can discern from the following clues which popular phrase might be recalled by the following paraphrasing: An example – “Bovine triangulation” might recall “Where’s the beef.”
An exterminator’s redundancy
An endorsement for uxorial continuity
A plea for matriarchal laissez-faire
Urge feline encapsulation
An extension of interpersonal tactility
Over-indulgence and skepticism
Figure it out yet?

Raid – “Kills Bugs Dead”

2. Geritol – “My wife, I think I’ll keep her”

3. Anacin – “Mother please – I’d rather do it myself!”

4. Exxon – “Put a tiger in your tank”

5. AT&T – “Reach out and touch someone”

6. Alka Seltzer – “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”