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It’s NOT in the Pudding!

Tony, who hears us on KQED, writes…

“Episode 1209, spotlight round asked about the origin of ‘proof.’ Dick Francis wrote a novel with exactly that title. He alleged that a liquid with 50 percent alcohol would burn with a blue flame. Back in the dark ages, when the king was collecting taxes on alcoholic beverages, a sample would be ignited. If the flame was blue, the liquid was 50 percent alcohol, 100 percent proved.

I must add that the book is a novel, therefore fiction by definition. But I love the story.”

This Week on Says You!

Hello folks! Our season opener debuted 2 weeks ago in the midst of the election results. Because we were pre-empted in so many markets, we are re-broadcasting the show this weekend for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy!


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No Podcast This Week!

There will be no podcast uploaded this weekend due to the holiday schedule and the beginning of our new Season 2020-2021. Instead, be sure to catch our season premiere live this week on your local station!

This Week on Says You!

This week, join Says You! for the first show of the season from home!

This Week on Says You!