This Week on Says You!

This week, join Says You! for the first show of the season from home!

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  1. Michael Diogenes Best
    Michael Diogenes Best says:

    It all started simple enough.
    HPR would only give us a HALF of SAYS YOU at a time.
    Then, we found out SAYS YOU is a full Hour!
    Could get it online!!
    SAYS YOU has now become a Monkey on my back!!
    I NEEEED IT!!!!!
    I gotta have it!
    Please don’t hold out on us like this
    EVER AGAIN; please.
    It’s too painful.
    Please, please, please help me get my SAYSYOUMonkey BACK on my back ASAP!!!!
    And next time?
    Please leave us a little taste.
    Da Stash no always got dakine KICK;
    if yanowot I mean…….


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