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Says You! Live in Massachusetts

Tickets to Easy as Pie on November 18th and Gift-Wrapped Gab on December 2nd won’t last much longer! Click below to reserve your seats and don’t forget to share with friends!

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California Tickets Coming Soon

Says You! is coming to California for three shows we’re calling – Whole Lotta Love! Come to one or attend them all – we’re at our best when you show up!

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Sound Escape

On our last outing to Washington State we taped a show north of Seattle in Port Townsend. Carolyn, a contributing editor for the Improper Bostonian, took some extra time to search for Port Townsend’s finest features. Next time you’re traveling towards the Puget Sound, don’t go without these travel tips.  You can find more of Carolyn’s travel writing here.

Located on the edge of Washington’s spectacularly scenic Olympic Peninsula, Port Townsend is Seattle taken to the extreme—an offbeat, hippie city that promises nirvana to those who find the Emerald City too urban, too crowded and too culturally conservative.

Ooooh That Smell

After listening to episode our episode from Colchester, VT (SY-2120), A from Madison, WI left us this note about Flehmen.

The (I think) larger number of people who have cats than horses have, no doubt observed flehmening in their felines–and it doesn’t have a sound. I think it exposes a very acute olfactory area, but you would have to consult a veterinarian to confirm that.

A, we’re not veterinarians, so we can’t help you out with your acute olfactory, but we can say a thing or two about our bluffing round. The definition on Paula’s card was: “flehmen — (of horses and other animals) To inhale with the upper lip curled back. Origin: German.” The card specifically mentioned horses because the effect is much more visually dramatic in horses than in cats.

Exhibit A: 

We’re sure that many cat owners have observed this very flattering look, but for those of us who don’t own a cat, the image of a horse flehmen is pretty distinct. Paula never mentioned that flehmen has a sound, but as some of you might have just found out, if you try to flehmen it can be a little noisy.

In honor of all animals who flehmen, a look at some of the best.

Introducing Dictitious

Dictitious is a wild game of made-up words and made-up definitions! Sound familiar? Dictitious was created by Johanna and Lori, two listeners of Says You!. Like many of you, Johanna and Lori have contributed rounds and words to our game. One day they wised up and realized they had a clever and hilarious game of their own. Partnering with PlayMonster, Johanna and Lori created Dicititious. Luckily, we won’t be losing out on Johanna or Lori’s wit. Starting this season you’ll hear rounds of Dictitious played in our show by our panel. This game of silly definitions and spelling mysteries is just the sort of thing we love.

Listen this weekend to hear our panel play Dictitious from Johanna and Lori’s home town of Seattle.

Laughs and wordplay are just a few clicks away. Order your copy of Dictitious today!

Says You! Live in Concord!

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Says You! Live at Amherst College

Join us in Kirby Hall, a stunning proscenium theater and home to theatrical performances, at Amherst College.  We invite everyone near and from the remarkable consortium of five colleges. Perhaps a squash or two remain the garden, but the leaves are raked, and the afternoons are getting noticeably cool – come on in and warm up with some blustery wordplay Saturday November 18. Two games, which will be broadcast nationally, are played in front of a live audience – Game 1 begins at 1:30pm followed by a brief intermission and Game 2 ends a little before 4:00pm. A perfect event to spend with friends and family, punctuated with live music.

Getting there: www.amherst.edu/visiting/directions

Parking: There are several parking spaces for visitors directly in front of the Admission building; anywhere along the semicircular driveway between Orr Hockey Rink and South Pleasant Street/Route 116; in the Orr Rink Parking Lot; or on Hitchcock Road, running perpendicular to South Pleasant Street/Route 116 directly across from the south entrance of the driveway.

Kirby Hall is next door to the Wilson Admissions Center


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