Says You! Live at Amherst College

Join us in Kirby Hall, a stunning proscenium theater and home to theatrical performances, at Amherst College.  We invite everyone near and from the remarkable consortium of five colleges. Perhaps a squash or two remain the garden, but the leaves are raked, and the afternoons are getting noticeably cool – come on in and warm up with some blustery wordplay Saturday November 18. Two games, which will be broadcast nationally, are played in front of a live audience – Game 1 begins at 1:30pm followed by a brief intermission and Game 2 ends a little before 4:00pm. A perfect event to spend with friends and family, punctuated with live music.

Getting there:

Parking: There are several parking spaces for visitors directly in front of the Admission building; anywhere along the semicircular driveway between Orr Hockey Rink and South Pleasant Street/Route 116; in the Orr Rink Parking Lot; or on Hitchcock Road, running perpendicular to South Pleasant Street/Route 116 directly across from the south entrance of the driveway.

Kirby Hall is next door to the Wilson Admissions Center


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