A striking similarity

Tony, from Silicon Valley, contributes this:

In episode SY 301, Richard revealed the best entries for a proposed constitutional amendment. His first place choice was the right to the freedom of disassembly – the right to take anything apart that you want to. I believe this is now a law in California except it’s called the right to repair.

Swiss photographer Fabian Oefner

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Home of Jack Kerouac, Elinor Lippman, visited by Dickens, setting for the Fighter, but 7 Brides?

Kerry, a native of Lowell, Massachusetts, takes exception with:

During a Says You! show from Wisconsin, ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’ was discussed. I am a Lowell native/resident, so imagine my dismay when Lowell was then maligned (perhaps someday you will do a show from here and we can redeem ourselves – home of Jack Kerouac, Elinor Lippman, visited by Dickens, the Fighter is set here, and so much more!). I will forgive all if you can refer me to some source to support the claim that the 7 brides were from Lowell, Massachusetts, so I can add to my list (see above) and share info with friends. Thanks. 

I love you all regardless, Kerry

Mixed in truth, legend, and television, the story of the Mercer Girls made it to the small screen in 1968 as “Here Come the Brides.” The TV series starred Joan Blondell and launched Bobby Sherman and David Soul to pop stardom. If any listeners believe they know more about the original story of the Mercer girls, send in your comments “To Kerry…” and we will post.


Keister parade segment or Name that chair

From WYSU in Youngstown, Ohio, Robin G writes:           

I’m pretty sure you just mistook the famous Wassily chair with the Barcelona chair in the show aired 2-20-22.

If you want to find out how Richard and the gang tackled this one, take another listen to SY-2622 from Harvard Square. You can find the show on our Says You! App and everywhere you download and listen.

Who is that band I heard?

Martha from Waco, TX writes:

How I enjoy SAYS YOU!! Thank you! 100 Cheers BRAVO!

On 2/20/22 I heard a great word wrangle–you keep me laughing and guessing, prodding my mind! You are each a Blessing! AND Especially, today, the quite marvelous Youth Woodwind Quintet. Oh, my yes!! What pieces did they so beautifully perform, where are they from, and do they have a CD or download website? Wholehearted appreciation, Martha (Cultural Anthropologist, MA, Ret’d Austin & Waco Texas)

Martha, the show is SY 2622 recorded at the historic Brattle Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The band that day was the Radnofsky Quartet. More about the Quartet here!