Listener B.J. from Jamestown, RI gave us this graphic history:

One of your panelists mentioned (on 10/15/16) that the MLB logo was based on the silhouette of Al Kaline — not! It was widely thought that the model was Twins’ slugger Harmon Killebrew (who never sought to dispel the idea.) It turns out, according to many sources, including the logo designer, Jerry Dior, that logo is not representative of any specific player. According to ESPN, this factoid was corroborated by MLB in 2009.

A little birdie told me…

From dedicated listener Ed from Cotuit, MA:

In last season’s show, SY-2023, one guessing round word was “lek” which ended up being a mating area for sage grouse. I just discovered that your definition was a bit too specific because a show on hummingbirds which aired on PBS TV last night showed hermit hummingbirds displaying and vocalizing in a lek in central/south? America. So . . . to the RHUD which defines lek as “a traditional place where males assemble during the mating season and engage in competitive displays that attract females.” It’s not just for sage grouses.

BTW, cruciverbalists know that lek is also a unit of Albanian currency but that wasn’t given as an option.