Sponsor the Smartest Game in Radio

Says You! offers a highly efficient and cost-effective way to introduce your brand, message, or service directly into the homes (and heads) of public radio listeners nationwide. Says You! engages an exceptionally loyal fanbase that is smart and influential.  For two decades our demographic has expanded. Whether you are looking for national or local reach, partnering with Says You! provides direct access to a receptive audience in top markets via radio, podcast, and live performances. We promise sponsors – no static at all!

Says You! is event radio played live in front of large audiences nationwide. Two seasoned teams sharpen their wits and wordplay on each other’s comebacks. As fresh as it is classic, Says You! is to radio what Jeopardy! is to television. Famed as the wordplay game show that playfully transcends the question-and-answer format to become a hilarious, edgy exercise in recreational thinking. 

Give us a try – from a category we call “Odd Man Out”: Who does not belong in the following list and why? The Wizard of Oz, The Great Gatsby, JoJo White and Bob Dole?

Before you respond, consider our motto:  “It’s not important to know the answer, it’s more important to like the answer.” 

The answer: The Great Gatsby is the only one not from Kansas.