Hound & Fox – A Play by Tony Kahn on Martha’s Vineyard

Successful Hollywood screenwriter Gordon Kahn survived the blacklist, but J. Edgar Hoover couldn’t stop there. Fifteen years later, Hoover was at it again, harassing Kahn and his family. A story about tyranny, betrayal, fear, and forbearance, based on real-life events.
Written by our very own Tony Kahn, Hound & Fox will be read at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse on August 27, 2018 at 7:30 PM. This new dramatic work will be read for one special performance. Don’t miss this incredible story read by Says You! Hall of Famer Tom Kemp, CSI’s Paul Guilfoyle, Brooke Adams, and more special guests.

Sundays are for Says You!

Podcast listener and Mountain View, California resident Pat shares her first time listening to Says You!

Several years ago, I was hauling stuff to the recycling center, when the KQED program I was listening to went off, and Says You! came on. Since I was driving I wasn’t going to fiddle around with the radio, so I kept the show on as background noise… until your first bluffing word, which had been contributed by Lis Riba. Since I have met Ms. Riba (who is as cool and interesting as the words she submits would suggest), I listened to and laughed through the round, and then the rest of the game. The next week, I tuned in again. Within a month I was organizing my Sunday afternoons around your show. Within six I had downloaded the mobile app so I wouldn’t miss any episodes.
You bring light and humor into my life, which in these times I greatly appreciate.


This Week from Nashville, TN

This week Says You! returns to Nashville at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center with guest host and Says You!‘s lead writer – Dave Zobel.

Our regular panelists are joined by Walter Egan, rock ‘n roll icon and television game show champion, and Nancy E. Berg, Professor of Hebrew and comparative literature at Washington University in Missouri.

Our musical guest this week is two-time Grammy nominated songwriter and founding member of the Ozark Mountain DaredevilsMichael ‘Supe’ Granda.

Missing Word: Looking at you America!

WPLN listener Chris from Monteagle, TN, has a definition that’s lost its word.

When I was in the navy fifty years ago, a friend whose father worked at the Museum of Natural History said that his father had come across a word in the unabridged dictionary that meant “to twitch nervously at one’s coverlet” but he lost the reference, and never found the word again. Do any of your sources know of this word?

At Says You! we use lots of references but haven’t been able to find this mystery word. So, we’re turning to our listeners to crowdsource. Do any of you know a word which means “to twitch nervously at one’s coverlet?” Any ideas on the source? Let us know!

How many varieties are there…?

From Cleveland, New Mexico, KENW listener Michael sends his take on the bluff ‘sesses.’

I was listening to the broadcast today and there was a bluffing round with the word ‘sesses.’ I was surprised that the neither of the bluffers or the guessing panelists picked up on the definition (which is a fake) that immediately popped into my head.

sesses: an adjective used to describe a variety of female sheep

I hope that you find this funny!

Our panel might not have gone in Michael’s direction, but you can listen to their bluffs on our episode “Topsy-Turvy Trivia” on the Says You! podcast.

A Says You! Spotlight Round: Personifications

Some surnames have entered into the language, representative of their respective contributions. Napoleon – for example – became a pastry, Wellington… a beef.
Tell me, from the absurd clues given, which surname is called to mind by the following.
Scottish pavement
An unctuous automotive engineer
A Critish bleric
A shadowy French politico
A Teutonic gas-bag
A button front Earl
Figure it out yet?
1. Macadam. 2. Diesel 3. Spooner 4. Silhouette 5. Zeppelin 6. Cardigan
This round and more found in paperback: The Scripts and Quips From Says You!

New Episode From Asheville


A topsy-turvy, upside down and backward edition of Says You! with guest host Dave Zobel

We’re joined by local-punsters Helen Chickering and John Boyle

 Helen Chickering brings her own brand of science and the right chemistry to Says You! Helen is a reporter and the afternoon host at Blue Ridge Public Radio. She has a passion for science communication and loves covering the beat in Western North Carolina. Helen is an active member of the Asheville Science Tavern and a guest lecturer and an advisory board member at the University of North Carolina’s Medical and Science Journalism Program.

 John Boyle, known to the locals in Asheville, North Carolina, as the Answer Man, brings a sweet brand of swagger to the show. For the last twenty-two years, John hasn’t been able to remove the ink stains from his fingers – covering everything from development news to rabid beaver attacks of paddle boarders. He’s a seasoned journo and columnist of the Asheville Citizen-Times. John left an indelible mark on Says You!

Music by Free Planet Radio

Free Planet Radio has been composing an intoxicating and innovative world-jazz-classical music blend since 2001. Based in Asheville, NC, these three instrumentalists explore the infinite and seamless relationships between musical cultures through the universal language of sound.


Listen this weekend!




Try your hand at a round of “Richard’s Poor Almanac”

Paraphrasing Mr. Franklin has led me astray. What am I saying, that Ben said so much simpler?
Analgesia promotes stagnation.
Activities supraloquate verbiage.
Reclining cynophiliacs ascend infested.
Intra-silicate domiciliants should resist ossa-projection.
Self-reliance engenders miraculous intercession.
Within 72 hours, piscine redolence emulates a transient’s hospitality.
Figure it out yet?
1. There is no gain without pain. 2. Actions speak louder than words – actually “words may show a man’s wit, but his actions his meaning” 3. He who sleeps with dogs will rise up with fleas. 4. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. 5. God helps them that help themselves. 6. Fish and visitors stink after three days.
This round and more found in paperback: The Scripts and Quips From Says You!

Our site has a bug…

If you’ve tried to buy tickets, or click on just about anything on www.saysyouradio.com over the last week, you might have been redirected to a page you weren’t expecting. We promise our site hasn’t been temporarily suspended. Our site has a bug and we’re working to squash it ASAP. Simply close the bad page and click on the link again.

Tickets for Says You! Live on Martha’s Vineyard can also be found on ticketsmv.com or our Facebook page (find us @saysyouradio).


A round I’d love to hear again!

Sarah from Shirley, MA, listens to our show on WGBH and writes with a request:

I know you sometimes take requests for games people would like to hear rebroadcast from older shows. The first time I ever hear Says You! there was a game all about the jargon associated with traffic engineering. The term I remember (and use) was “weaving section,” the part of the highway where an on-ramp lane turns into an off-ramp lane – very common in Massachusetts! I believe the show aired in 2003 or 2004, although I don’t know if that was an original broadcast or a repeat. I would love to hear that one again. Thank you for your time and attention!

We did some digging and the round you inquired about was called “Traffic Questions” from SY-603. We’ll see if we can sneak it into an upcoming show. We’re in the midst of updating our archive, but when it’s finished check for more of your favorite episodes!