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Definition of “blank”

Rowan from Asheville, North Carolina is listening closely on WCQS:

Every so often in rounds two and four, the host will explain the rounds by stating that each person will receive a card with a definition on it. Only one of them has the real definition. The other two will receive blank cards. Those poor souls will have a few seconds to make up a definition good enough to fool the other team. A card cannot be blank, but also have a definition on it. I think you must have been making a mistake with your words.

As a matter of fact, Richard mentions this at the start of round 2 in SY-714: “You know, somebody called me from Seattle, Washington, to tell me that if everyone receives a card defining a word, then how can two of them be blank? Now, I’ve been saying this for nine years, and somebody finally writes in?!”

Then he laughed and went right on doing it his way.

How do you like THEM apples?

Richard from Northampton listens to Says You! on NEPR. He writes:

In the “odd one out” category at the second Amherst College quiz, the answer given was “apple cider” as the only item that could have been served at the first Thanksgiving. “Mashed potatoes” was ruled out because potatoes had not yet been introduced to North America. The same was true, of course, of apples: they were not native to North America, the quirky phrase “as American as apple pie” notwithstanding. Perhaps cider could have been brought on the Mayflower, but then, too, the Pilgrims could have brought potatoes, since they appear in an English herbal published in 1597. I was disappointed that no one in the Amherst audience pointed out the contradiction.


Instrumental information

Dawn, a listener from WRVO in Utica, NY, likes what she hears and wants more:

Can you please tell me the names of the musicians from the group you called ‘Fly-by-Night Trio’?

The Fly-by-Night Trio is made up of violinist Siri Smedvig, violinist Yisgav Gans, and cellist Tara Chambers. Visit our Musicians Archive to find out who played the music this week, last week, and every week, on Says You!

Wit in the Wild

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From historic Concord, MA, Gregg Porter leads stereo right vs. left in an episode inspired by transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau. Our guest players this week are filmmaker Huey Coleman, director Sam Weisman, and psychotherapist Constance McCashin. Siri Smedvig and the Fly-by-Night Trio are our musical guests.

Host: Gregg Porter

Musicians: Siri Smedvig and the Fly-by-Night Trio

Stereo Left: Carolyn Faye Fox, Murray Horwitz, Huey Coleman

Stereo Right: Sam Weisman, Constance McCashin, Barry Nolan

Round One: Line Please

Round Two – Bluff: Paquebot

Round Three: Celebrity Voiceover Landmark Decisions

Round Four – Bluff: Kame

Round Five: Franken-quotes


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