From Amy Miller of Baltimore, MD:

Do you guys ever use Facebook, Twitter or other social connections?  I haven’t found any way to connect.  Is it something I said?

Sorry, Amy.  Richard fears Facebook- he’s afraid he’ll get electrocuted.  In fact, on the Says You! Facebook page (yes, there is one), they once posted the message:  “This person needs help being active.” “How,” worries Richard, “do they know that?”

We are attempting to enter the twenty-first century and hope to do so in the coming months… but we need your help.  What would you like to see?  Should we tweet, pinterest, instagram, foursquare, youtube, blog, microblog, honeycomb, Flickr or Link In?  Anyone- we hope you’ll weigh in on this perplexing problem and help us drop our anti-social behavior once and for all.