Welcome Gregg Porter as our New Host!

Please help me welcome Gregg Porter of KUOW as our new host of Says You!. Porter’s move to the lectern was announced in the most recent edition of Current, and his first official episode, recorded at Vermont Public Radio, will air this weekend – last weekend of April. The Vermont shows were made possible with help of Ty Robertson and Robin Turnau, I thank both for their continued support. Barry Nolan, panelist emeritus, returns to his rightful seat at our table, chair six, as a permanent player on Says You!

I am thrilled to announce that Says You! has joined an exclusive club with our landmark 500th episode, recorded in Salt Lake City. A very special thanks to Lauren Colucci for helping us mark this special occasion.

I am on my way with the cast to Wisconsin Public Radio to celebrate with two live performances as WPR kicks off their second centennial on the air. In late June, Gregg Porter will play to a home crowd when Says You! performs live shows in Seattle and Port Townsend. Please reach out if you have any questions or just want to catch up.



Laura P. Sher, Executive Producer – Says You!

Listener Request for a Spotlight Round

Elizabeth from Janesville, WI writes,

When I was in high school, our family enjoyed gathering around the radio on Saturday evenings to listen to Says You!. Yes, our family was nerdy enough that all 5 of us teenagers willingly listened to a word show on the weekends, even to the extent of allowing words to skip into our lexicon. Particularly the word “sproo”, used to refer to the act of pulling through the parking spot in front of you to avoid backing out. We’ve spread the use to friends and family, as well.
Our family has since spread across the country but several of us do still turn in via either radio or the app. So I was hoping, for nostalgia’s sake, to hear the game that has the word we still use. 

Have an episode or round you’d like to hear again? We welcome your suggestions for spotlight rounds. Send in your request and we will do our best!

Dining On Testudine Soup

Kiley from Woodbury, Vermont picked up on a gaff only a herpetologist could. Thanks for coming out of your shell and setting us straight.

In a recent episode one of your panelists was asked to state the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. The given (and accepted) answer was that turtles are water-dwelling and tortoises are land-dwelling. While kind of true, except when it isn’t, that differentiation is false. Normally I would let this slide, but I hold Says You! to a higher standard. Turtles are an order of reptile (Testudines) that include tortoises. Tortoises are a family within the turtle order. Yes, they are terrestrial, but there are other kinds of terrestrial turtle other than tortoises. Have you ever heard of a box turtle? Box turtles are completely terrestrial, but are more closely related to aquatic species such as red-eared sliders and painted turtles than they are to tortoises. To put it more simply, all tortoises are turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises. Don’t even get me started on the differences between frogs and toads. I am a herpetologist and completed my master’s thesis on tortoises, so you can trust me on this one.

Eau Claire & La Crosse

Two live shows in Eau Claire and La Crosse, Wisconsin!

Spend a night with Says You! – public radio’s quintessential quiz show – and the country’s oldest public radio station – Wisconsin Public Radio! Says You! is live with two shows in Wisconsin. May 6 meet us in Eau Claire – or May 7th in La Crosse. Tickets are live now!


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A Says You! Live Community Benefit

Says You! presents “Quips on the Quimper” as we return to “The City of Dreams.” For nearly a decade, Says You! has headed to Port Townsend to play our game with a purpose — a community show to benefit the Jefferson Clemente Course, a free college humanities course for low-income adults. Join regular cast members Carolyn Fay Fox, Murray Horowitz, Barry Nolan and Seattle’s own Gregg Porter, as well as our local hall of fame punsters for a night of ridiculous clues, verbal repartee, and bold face blunders as the cast attempts to decipher the English language.

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For more about the Clemente Course in the Humanities, visit our home page.

Any questions? Email us at saysyouradio@gmail.com.

Live In Vermont!

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Seattle Thaw – Says You! Returns

Says You! is planning a SEATTLE THAW with two live shows in Seattle on June 24th and June 25th celebrating KUOW’s 65th and Town Hall’s Makeover.  Tickets are live, to order click below:


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Paid by the Inch

Susan from Rehoboth, MA, while listening to a classic episode from the University of Wisconsin (SY-714R) had more to say about “stringer.”

I was listening to the most recent show and the word stringer came on for a definition. My mom worked as a stringer for local newspapers in NH for a while when I was growing up. The definition you gave was correct but you are missing one important part. The stringers were paid by the inch and they did tape their stories that appeared in the paper together to submit them for payment. When the newspaper was calculating how much to pay them – they didn’t use a ruler – they had a string with the inches marked – so they could continue from story to story without having to stop to add or mark down the number of inches for an article. It was much speedier than trying to use a ruler and that is where the “string” came from.

If you’d like to hear what Susan is talking about, and explore other new and classic Says You! shows, check out the Says You! Podcast on iTunes and wherever else Podcasts are found!

Rhode Island – Can you hear me now?

Jill from Rhode Island is trying to get a signal, we hope RIPR will help her out…

I’ve been listening to Says You! on 89.7 WGBH since I moved back to New England to go to graduate school at RISD in 1997. Good heavens, nearly 20 years.

My local NPR station is 88.1 RIPR and I dearly wish they would pick up Says You! because reception down here is not always so great for GBH. There has been a lot of moving the radio around the room and wiggling the antenna just so over the years… 

I know we’re all supposed to be getting with the 21st century program and stream everything from the internet, but I prefer ‘having a date’ with my favorite programs. I am self-employed and as with many small business owners weekends are not necessarily days off. If it is 8pm on a Saturday or 2 pm on a Sunday and I’m at the studio blowing glass Says You! coming on the radio is like a friend dropping by to say hello.

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