Paid by the Inch

Susan from Rehoboth, MA, while listening to a classic episode from the University of Wisconsin (SY-714R) had more to say about “stringer.”

I was listening to the most recent show and the word stringer came on for a definition. My mom worked as a stringer for local newspapers in NH for a while when I was growing up. The definition you gave was correct but you are missing one important part. The stringers were paid by the inch and they did tape their stories that appeared in the paper together to submit them for payment. When the newspaper was calculating how much to pay them – they didn’t use a ruler – they had a string with the inches marked – so they could continue from story to story without having to stop to add or mark down the number of inches for an article. It was much speedier than trying to use a ruler and that is where the “string” came from.

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