SOMETHING NEW FOR SAYS YOU! The ‘9-Tease’ Remix with the Original Six

In 1996 Says You! rolled out as a half-hour. NOW, these early episodes have just been remixed and remastered. Join us this weekend for something NEW – Says You! Repartee, repurposed for today’s entertainment needs.

After a deep archival dive into our 600+ shows, we emerged with games that have NEVER been podcast and most have been aired just once or twice. Why? In 2006 Says You! grew from a half-hour of hilarity to an hour. Now, ten perfectly preserved seasons can be heard again.

Most of us will hear these questions and quips for the very first time.

New format, same game. Instead of five rounds with a running score, these 60-minute shows sport nine rounds. Richard Sher hosts as our intimate, invitation-only audiences cheer on three games at each performance – a total of 15 rounds! We’ve selected the NINE rounds that play well with others. Enjoy Says You! in our amateur age – filled with bon mots and blunders that are as ‘fresh’ as ever.


Says You! will release the first decade of shows to our Archive for Father’s Day.  Just head to SHOP on our website.  Individual episodes are available for purchase at $1.95 each.  SEASON BUNDLES are DISCOUNTED 50%.  Seasons 11-20 available now.
If you are interested in receiving advanced notice of the Archival Revival release, we will gladly send you an email: Click Here to leave us your name and email


Lauren, who listens in on WGBH in Rhode Island, writes:

I just wanted to thank you all so much! I am listening to new and old shows when the virus news just becomes too stressful. You make me laugh, and I always learn something useful. I hope you are all healthy and safe!

Putting the Alto in Palo Alto

Susanne, who listens in on KLDN in Texas, writes:

On Says You! 4/18/20 and 4/25/20, at 0900 music was played while contestants figured out definitions, which included covers of songs like “Moon River” and “Annie’s Song” in a voice that sounded like an opera singer. I would like SO much to know how to obtain that music as a gift to a friend. Could you tell me the source? If it was mentioned I missed it. Thank you. I really like your show!

That lovely soprano (NOT “alto” – we couldn’t resist the pun) voice belongs to Ronit Widmann-Levy. …as we always say, it’s not over til the blonde lady sings!

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