The toughest part of golf needs no explaining…

We’ve created our own Masters Tournament – The Back 9 Bundle*

*Nine rounds
*Sourced from our first seven years on air
*No score but your own!

Enjoy the ease of listening with the Back 9 Bundle:
~21 Full-length episodes of our recently aired series The Back 9.
~A signature style and sound, acclaimed by programmers across the country
~Hosted by Richard Sher, Directed by Dave Zobel

The Back 9 Bundle can be ordered now for yourself and for Father’s Day.

A week before Father’s Day, the recipient of your gift will receive a personal message from you via email, along with guided steps to retrieve/download their Bundle from Says You!

You will receive a blind copy for peace of mind

ORDER HERE: $25 Back 9 Bundle (15 Full-length episodes)

Note: No shipping and handling costs. Taxes where required.

*Invoice will be sent directly to Your Email.

Upon payment, we will confirm shipment(s) and share the download information you’ll use to retrieve the Bundle(s). 

(Note: Father’s Day Gift Cards: We will send the same instructions a week before Father’s Day. Enclosed in the email will be the message you have provided.)