Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe

Malaprop’s Bookstore/Café is an independent bookstore founded in Asheville, NC in 1982. They bring books, writers, and readers together in an environment that nurtures community and the joy of reading. Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe carries a carefully curated selection of books for adults, children, and young adults, as well as a large array of gift items. A cozy café offers tasty treats from local bakeries and coffee roasted locally. Writer Ann Patchett, in an article for the New York Times, said, “Malaprop’s was the heart and soul of Asheville, NC, when Asheville was a sleepy little hippie town, and it’s still its heart and soul now…, a position Malaprop’s maintained by being unabashedly true to itself.”

A Season in Limbo – Arnie Reisman

The trouble with spring in New England
Is that it’s usually nothing more than
A hastily stitched doormat to summer

Once you’ve finished wiping your feet
Through the soft fibers of the first warmth
You’re ushered into the heat of a plantation

Among the bricks and Brahmins in Boston
I often felt when spring came and left
I was probably in the bathroom at the time

But then fortune moved me to my island
Off the New England coast of contrariness
The weather pattern of behavior did not change

What did change over time was my behavior
I found I didn’t need a very long spring
To feel warmth from stars that shed light on me

What I needed was what I now have
A smaller hive where buzzing becomes singing
Where the honey is easier to taste

Where season most often refers to cooking
Where ocean breezes prime our pumps
Where there’s more talk of words than the weather

Where colors burst and fade and renew
Monet said he had wanted to paint the air
And I am just pleased as can be to breathe it 

This poem was originally posted at the Vineyard Gazette, where Arnie frequently contributes commentary, poetry, and thoughts on life. Read more of his writing here.


We’re heading to the island of Martha’s Vineyard for a special live show featuring the original cast – together again: Carolyn, Arnie, Paula, Tony, Francine and Barry. Late afternoon at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center. The perfect way to punctuate a wonderful summer beach day – let the fun and laughs continue with friends and family from 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM. Join us for this national broadcast event.

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A New Episode From Asheville! Meet Our Guests


What’s the difference between plunge and plummet? That answer and more on this week’s edition of Says You! with guest host Dave Zobel

We’re joined by local-punsters Helen Chickering and John Boyle

 Helen Chickering brings her own brand of science and the right chemistry to Says You! Helen is a reporter and the afternoon host at Blue Ridge Public Radio. She has a passion for science communication and loves covering the beat in Western North Carolina. Helen is an active member of the Asheville Science Tavern and a guest lecturer and an advisory board member at the University of North Carolina’s Medical and Science Journalism Program.

 John Boyle, known to the locals in Asheville, North Carolina, as the Answer Man, brings a sweet brand of swagger to the show. For the last twenty-two years, John hasn’t been able to remove the ink stains from his fingers – covering everything from development news to rabid beaver attacks of paddle boarders. He’s a seasoned journo and columnist of the Asheville Citizen-Times. John left an indelible mark on Says You!

Music by Free Planet Radio

Free Planet Radio has been composing an intoxicating and innovative world-jazz-classical music blend since 2001. Based in Asheville, NC, these three instrumentalists explore the infinite and seamless relationships
between musical cultures through the universal language of sound.




Deuterman Law Group

Founded in 2003, The Deuterman Group is a respected and award-winning North Carolina injury law firm that handles workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability, Veterans Disability, and auto accident cases. They’re also a sponsor of this show and we couldn’t be more grateful.

The Deuterman Law Group, its attorneys and employees are known for their community involvement and service, exceptional legal expertise, integrity, stellar customer service, hard work for clients and political activism on behalf of injured people in North Carolina.

The law firm has offices in downtown Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Every year, the Deuterman Law Group handles hundreds of workers’ compensation, Social Security Disability, personal injury and other cases across North Carolina.

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This Thursday we’re playing our first show in Asheville, NC! We’re joined by some local wordsmiths and musical group Free Planet Radio. Who’s first Says You! taping is this?

A tune to enlist to

 Robert listens on WFCR and heard an uncommon but familiar word on our show. He wrote to Tony Kahn to share.

In a bluffing round on Says You! some two years ago (or perhaps more) you had the correct definition of verbunkos as a dance used in military recruiting, which you and your colleagues thought was a very funny idea (dancing your way into the army). The word (and genre) is Hungarian, but also known in Slovakia. In my study of Slavic linguistics I acquired some competence in the Slovak language and Slovak folklore.

Listen below to hear how Tony picked the rose among thorns.