Rhode Island – Can you hear me now?

Jill from Rhode Island is trying to get a signal, we hope RIPR will help her out…

I’ve been listening to Says You! on 89.7 WGBH since I moved back to New England to go to graduate school at RISD in 1997. Good heavens, nearly 20 years.

My local NPR station is 88.1 RIPR and I dearly wish they would pick up Says You! because reception down here is not always so great for GBH. There has been a lot of moving the radio around the room and wiggling the antenna just so over the years… 

I know we’re all supposed to be getting with the 21st century program and stream everything from the internet, but I prefer ‘having a date’ with my favorite programs. I am self-employed and as with many small business owners weekends are not necessarily days off. If it is 8pm on a Saturday or 2 pm on a Sunday and I’m at the studio blowing glass Says You! coming on the radio is like a friend dropping by to say hello.

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  1. Bill Page
    Bill Page says:

    Even though where we now live we can hear the show on WRVO every Saturday at noon, I still use the TuneIn app on my smartphone to listen to the WGBH broadcast Saturday evening. I have it scheduled to automatically start every week.


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