What’s New with Cast and Crew?

Our panelists have been busy, busy, busy! Check out everything they’ve been up to:


Arnie Reisman is still blushing from the success of War Paint, the musical adapted from his documentary The Powder and The Glory.  Its premier run in Chicago was extended into late August this summer and with a wave of a mascara wand, is now headed to Broadway.  Based on Lindy Woodhead’s eponymous book, War Paint is the story of the rivalry between the cosmetic entrepreneurs Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein. Check out the War Paint Musical website for more!

Murray Horwitz has been moonlighting…in addition to sitting sixth seat on Says You! As the new host of The Big Broadcast he now brings radio listeners back in time to shows such as Gunsmoke, The Jack Benny Show, and Dragnet, placing them in the context of their era. The Big Broadcast is produced and recorded in Washington DC and is WAMU 88.5’s longest-running program, featuring a collection of vintage radio programs from the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s. The show airs Sundays from 7 until 11 p.m. and has been a weekly feature on WAMU 88.5 since 1964.

Announcing a great broadcast honor for the “broad” in our “cast.”  Paula Lyons has been selected for induction into the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame in recognition of her work as a consumer reporter for WCVB-TV, “Good Morning America” and WBZ-TV.

Following Dave Zobel‘s seven year stint as a writer for public radio’s The Loh Down on Science, Dave joined Says You! last year as co-script writer alongside Nat Segaloff. As we say here at Says You!, “Genius don’t cost extra” — Dave is a science humorist and active alum of Caltech. For much of 2016, Dave was on book tour for the release of The Science of TV’s The Big Bang Theory – presenting at a number of Maker Faire events and the 2016 Annual Gathering of American Mensa (MensaCon). Dave’s book has been translated into German, Russian, and Chinese. TV’s immensely popular comedic sitcom, “The Big Bang Theory,” does raise legitimate scientific concepts. Dave’s book capitalizes on the show’s popularity with American families and explores much of the sophisticated science introduced by Sheldon and the quirky cast. But the genius is, Dave makes science intriguing and accessible to middle schoolers and scholars alike. A great family read in any language.

Arnie Reisman’s Sodom and Costello

If you liked Arnie Reisman’s Clara Bow Died For Our Sins, you’ll love Sodom and Costello. Available now on Amazon, get your copy now!

Arnie Reisman is currently Poet Laureate of Martha’s Vineyard and spends his days as an award-winning writer/producer/performer working in commercial and public TV, corporate video, journalism and film.