Coming to America(n Airwaves)

Anne, who hears us on KUOW, writes…

“I want you to know that your programme not only gives me hope but reassures me that moving to the US was still a good idea! I love the wit of the contestants and look forward to this – oh so brief – half hour of delight and laughter every week. Thank you.”

Thank you Anne! We are delighted to hear how much of an impact the show has had on you. If you’re looking for more than the regular half-hour, make sure to check out our podcast for hours upon hours of Says You! content.

The Pandemic Elixir!

Jane and Frank, loyal podcast listeners, write to us…

“We’ve attended 2 of your live performances here in Port Townsend. Now we listen to your podcasts nearly every evening while preparing dinner, carefully parceling them out so we don’t run out of shows. Our biggest challenge is to make sure the sip of wine is swallowed before Carolyn puns or Tony quips! We started the evening ritual 11 months ago when laughter became more essential than ever on a daily basis, and now we look forward to having you as our guests frequently. The laughter is still our favorite pandemic elixir! I would like to see more questions about fiber arts, needlework, and cooking. How about some education history? We look forward to seeing all of you in Port Townsend again soon!”

Picking Up the Pen & Paper!

Ariel, a listener on KUHF, writes…


“I’ve been listening on my radio station and, more recently, on the podcast player of my choice for quite some time and I cannot stress how much this show has helped me in my solving of crosswords and starting to create them, especially when I need clues. I also appreciate you airing your shows through a live streaming service so more of your fans can watch the show and introduce new fans. Thank you for everything, and I look forward to seeing one of your shows in person in the future.”