Righting Recording References

Jeff Missinne of Superior, WI shared his musical knowledge with us:

There were a couple bloopers committed during this week’s quiz on nonsense lyrics.  Re “Da Doo Ron Ron,” one of your panelists had the answer right (was it Carolyn? I’m not sure now) when she said the song was recorded by the Crystals, but was called off her answer by Barry, who insisted it was the Shirelles.  The Shirelles did have a minor hit with a somewhat similar song, “I Met Him On A Sunday, Ron-De, Ron-De,”  but as far as I know never even recorded “Da Doo Ron Ron.”

The other answer was Murray’s, I believe, who was correct in identifying David Seville as the artist on “Witch Doctor.”  This record actually pre-dated the introduction of the Chipmunks (in “The Chipmunk Song/Christmas, Don’t Be Late”) by about nine months; and was credited on the label as “The Music of David Seville.”  (You can find plenty of shots of that label online.)  Both songs were written by Seville under his real name, Ross Bagdasarian.  “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” referred to  by Barry, applies more to the 1980’s-present records made by his son Ross, Jr.  (David Seville died in 1972.)

We love our listeners!

Thank you to all our wonderful listeners, especially those like Canice Flanagan of San Francisco, CA, who sent us these kind words:

I’ve listened to “Says You!” every Sunday afternoon at 4:00 for at least 15 years now —

I have nothing to add to the collective sorrow over Richard’s passing, but wanted to send kudos to Mr. Nolan and let the cast and crew know how much I enjoyed the season opener today. It was a delightful and fun and funny program, and I have no doubt it’s exactly what Richard would have wanted. Good job, Says You!!

Acnestis Repetition

Carol Botteron from Boston, MA shared her brilliant memory with us:

One of the bluffing words on October 10, 2015 was “acnestis,” which Says You! had used before.  I’m surprised that the panelists didn’t remember the word.  I don’t remember all the words but that one is so useful.  I write the words so I can remember them during the discussion and look them up later.  Sorry I didn’t record the date, but the other word in the previous show was “murcous.”  The previous week included “occlupanid,” another favorite.

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A live performance of Says You! on SUNDAY afternoon in Weston, Massachusetts, at the Eleanor Welch Casey Theatre at Regis College. Let the laughter begin in 2016 with friends and family. Two shows will be taped live with a brief intermission. Tickets must be purchased in advance at the link below.

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