Long time fan and listener Stéphane Braün of Nashville, TN writes:

In this week’s quiz (a “previously enjoyed” episode, I believe), panelists were asked to name a city whose name could be broken up into three English words, without rearranging the letters.  “A major Asian city” was also offered as a hint.  The given answer was Singapore.  I would also like to submit Bangalore:



Says You! Goes Back to School

Listener Eric Jackson from Boston, MA writes:

There was a question asked about state universities that don’t use the state’s name in their title. I believe the question suggested there is only one such university. I immediately thought of Ball State in Indiana. Some others came to mind – two such are infamous, Kent State and Jackson State. There is another university with historical significance in New Jersey, Rowan University which used to be called Glassboro State.

We were over-run with mail on this one.  Test yourself – make a list of your own – it won’t take long!

Vermont Tickets Live Now!

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Listener Melissa Hellman from Oswego, NY writes:

As long as I’m dreaming, how about doing a show in Oswego, where I live, in the summer or fall? As you may know, we have glorious lakeside sunsets, and there may be a suitable venue either on campus or elsewhere in town. And if you come before mid-October, it’s both before the NCAA D3 hockey season starts and unlikely to snow. I understand why you might not want to visit this time of year.


Listener Diana Botkin from Nashville, TN writes:

Today we heard your program where Barry Nolan was back on the panel.  We missed the name of the man that was hosting in this instance. We listen often and enjoy the challenge of playing along with the panelist…

…We also would like to have you again in Nashville.  We met Richard Sher and the whole crew the first time that they came here. When we are able and in town we volunteer at WPLN our local NPR station here in Nashville. We look forward to having you back in our area.

After 21 years on the air, our cast continues to grow.  Gregg Porter is the voice you heard. Gregg’s bio can be found on our Facebook page as well as Who’s Who on our website. He has been playing for us as a regular substitute – so, we thought we’d give him a chance at the lectern and give Barry a chance to play the game he loves.


During our Valentine Special – we invited listeners to solve a metapuzzle in a round penned by our own Arnie Reisman. Karen and Helen were the first to respond through “listener feedback” – many of the our fans in the live audience sent in their guesses within minutes… Our hearts go out to all of you for your contributions.

Listener Karen Connelly of Des Moines, WA writes:

You had a thread of romantic songs for Valentine’s Day, and there was another thread running through them. It was musicians who’ve died in 2016. 

Listener Helen Waters of Jamaica Plain, MA writes:

Common thread for last game – songs of love (or something like that): All artists died in 2016.  Says You is my favorite radio show! I’m hoping to get to a taping next time you’re in town. Keep up the stellar work!