A Winter Favorite this Week on Says You!

Pour the hot chocolate and settle in this week with a holiday special from Says You!. A winter favorite from Boston, play along as creator and original host of Says You! Richard Sher leads two teams in a show all about the holidays.

Excessive wassailing is no excuse for a sick day

Since episode 1311 re-aired, the wassailers have been coming in droves. We can’t sleep, but the trees are looking better than ever. Allison, a suspected wassailer herself, listens on WVPR and wrote us from Shelburne, VT:
You owe the audience member who mentioned singing to the trees an apology. This is considered one of the accepted definitions of “wassailing:” The orchard-visiting wassail refers to the ancient custom of visiting orchards in cider-producing regions of England, reciting incantations and singing to the trees to promote a good harvest for the coming year. Also, to your panelists who mentioned drinks and gifts, another accepted definition is: The house-visiting wassail is the practice of people going door-to-door, singing and offering a drink from the wassail bowl in exchange for gifts. This practice still exists, but has largely been displaced by caroling.
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Come on and do the Jectigation

KJZZ listener Adam from Tempe, Arizona, writes:

I’ve been listening since day 1 and still love your show. I’m trying to track down a bit more info on a clue that I can’t seem to find. In one of the earlier episodes . . . the clue was “the movement of a dog’s tail (i.e., wagging).” But a general dictionary search can’t find the word.

Adam, the word that’s causing you to shake your head is “jectigation,” meaning a wagging or tremulous motion. We used it as the first bluffing word in show #229. That show, recorded way back in May of 2000, is notable for being one of only a handful of episodes from which Carolyn Faye Fox was absent.