Salty Tidbits

We recently ran a show performed years ago in Salt Lake City (SY-424 for those of you who collect and archive).  Richard asked Paula why we are all heavier at low tide… Dave Redell offered this salty tidbit:

There is a very tiny effect on one’s weight from the lunar tidal force, but…this effect has absolutely nothing to do with the chemical composition of the human body. The peculiar idea that tidal forces have some kind of special affinity for salt water is completely false. Like any other gravitational effect, tidal forces affect mass, independent of its chemical composition.

Caught in the Act

Diane from North Carolina caught us on podcast SY-2103. Panelist Murray Horwitz professed that Joel Grey is the only performer to have won both a Tony and and Oscar for the same role.  But Diane, like many other listeners, contributed the following just to set us all straight:

In fact, there are 9 such performers. (I only knew of 3 others — Anne Bancroft, Yul Brynner, and Rex Harrison), but hooray for the internet.
Interestingly, Joel Grey is now the only LIVING actor with this accomplishment.

  • José Ferrer, CYRANO DE BERGERAC (Cyrano: 1947 Tony, 1950 Oscar)
  • Shirley Booth, COME BACK, LITTLE SHEBA (Lola: 1950 Tony, 1953 Oscar)
  • Yul Brynner, THE KING AND I (The King of Siam: 1952 Tony, 1956 Oscar)
  • Rex Harrison, MY FAIR LADY (Henry Higgins: 1957 Tony, 1964 Oscar)
  • Anne Bancroft, THE MIRACLE WORKER (Annie Sullivan: 1960 Tony, 1962 Oscar)
  • Paul Scofield, A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS (Sir Thomas Moore: 1962 Tony, 1966 Oscar)
  • Jack Albertson, THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES (John Cleary: Tony 1965, Oscar 1968)
  • Joel Grey, CABARET (The Master of Ceremonies: Tony 1967, Oscar 1973)
  • Lila Kedrova, ZORBA THE GREEK (Madame Hortense: 1964 Oscar, 1984 Tony)

(Kedrova is the only person to win an Oscar for a role followed by a Tony for the same role, instead of the other way around).

Thanks for your great show!
Diane Silver
Asheville, NC (where, by the way, you should TOTALLY come do a show!)