Debunked Origins

Sarah from Somerville, MA, listens on our podcast and shared the findings of her piqued curiosity:

I was listening to your “Dog Day Definitions” episode, wherein you have a letter from a fan asking about “Saved By the Bell,” and I too wondered when you played the related game if you weren’t confusing it with the classic story about “Dead Ringer.” But beyond that I went and looked up a different clue in that game that I felt dubious on (Upper Crust) and found this article that covers both – er… sort of all three.

6 Widely Repeated Phrase Origins – Debunked!

Is there a round that has inspired you to search the web for more answers? Write in and let us know!

When will the shows I attended air?

Michael listens on WGBH out of Boston and joined us at our most recent taping:

Thank you for a wonderful and hilarious afternoon taping on Martha’s Vineyard. I’ve been a fan of the show for years, but seeing you all together in person added a whole new appreciation for the program. It was clear that you all are quite the family, still grieving the loss of Richard Scher, and his continued presence with you was felt by everyone in attendance.

When will these shows air?

Soon! Two episodes were taped on Martha’s Vineyard and will be broadcast within the next month. To make sure you don’t miss out listen every week!



Live on Martha’s Vineyard!

We’re only one week away from our live performance in Vineyard Haven!

Carolyn, Tony, Francine, Arnie, Paula, and Barry match wits for a special reunion show hosted by Dave Zobel. This marks the first time our original panel have played together since 2014. Our musical guests for this broadcast event are Zoe & Jon Zeeman.

Join us early for an intimate Question & Answer. Get to know the people behind the voices broadcasted each week for the last 22 years. Learn the ins and outs of writing a Says You! script, how our panelists prepare, and anything else that crosses your mind. It’s your turn to ask the questions!

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As Fresh as it is Classic

After working with our customer service team, KQED and podcast listener Samantha sent us this note:

Thank you very much for your thoughtful and extensive reply. I’ve tested the steps and they work for me. 

I don’t much care about the broadcast date — your shows are always a lot of fun, even if I’ve heard one before.  Unlike Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me, you are not so topical that segments go stale.

I love both of those shows, and thank you for making it possible for me to listen.

A tenet of our show is that you can listen to a round from 2018 or 1998 and have just as much fun – language does change, but it takes a while. Listen to the Says You! podcast for episodes from this season and beyond!