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Sarah from Somerville, MA, listens on our podcast and shared the findings of her piqued curiosity:

I was listening to your “Dog Day Definitions” episode, wherein you have a letter from a fan asking about “Saved By the Bell,” and I too wondered when you played the related game if you weren’t confusing it with the classic story about “Dead Ringer.” But beyond that I went and looked up a different clue in that game that I felt dubious on (Upper Crust) and found this article that covers both – er… sort of all three.

6 Widely Repeated Phrase Origins – Debunked!

Is there a round that has inspired you to search the web for more answers? Write in and let us know!

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  1. Stephen T. Wagner
    Stephen T. Wagner says:

    This is inspired by the frequent insertion into “Says You!” broadcasts of a reference to “interstitial announcements”.

    One of the best German musical tongue-twisters is what follows. (I apologize for my inability in this response to italicize the German version or to include the proper umlaut marks over some letters, which has obliged me to insert some “e”s instead.)

    Was fuer Baueme sind denn diese, wo die grossen Elefanten spazieren gehen ohne sich so stossen? Links sind Baueme, rechts sind Baueme, und inzwischen Zwischenraume, wo die grossen Elefanten spazieren gehen ohne sich zu stossen.

    It is possibly to sing this quite rapidly. Here’s my English translation, which is not too far from the original meaning, and is also singable, if barely:

    What kind of trees are THESE trees / where the GREAT big / ELephants can go for a walk / and NOT bump into ANYthing? / To the LEFT are trees, / to the RIGHTE are trees / and in between INTERSTICES / where the GREAT big / ELephants can go for a walk / and NOT bump into everything.

    If anyone has a more amusing way to use “interstices” properly in a sentence I’d like to see and hear it.


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