Quechua in Boston — SPOILERS

At the Boston University show we took a glance into the most widely spoken indigenous language family in the Americas. We like to think of this round as a foray into pig Latin, or perhaps guinea-pig Latin. To help the listeners at home, Barry suggested we post the spellings and pronunciations.

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Quechua  KAY-chwa


Carolyn’s question:

achhiy  AH-ch’-hee


Tony’s question:

awsay  OW-sigh

pinal  PEE-nahl

klub  kloob


Arnie’s question:

Atahualpa  aht-a-WALL-pa

Inti!  EEN-tee


Lenore’s question:

-paq  pakh  =  for; for the benefit of

wawapaq talku  wa-WA-pakh TALL-koo
Paula’s question:

runa  ROO-na  =  person

simi  SEE-mee  =  tongue

runasimi  roo-na-SEE-mee


Tom’s question:

-kuna  KOO-na  =  [indicates plural]

-pis  piece  =  [indicates an item in a list]

awiyunkunapis = ah-wee-yoon-koo-NA-piece

trinkunapis = treen-koo-NA-piece

karrukunapis = karr-rroo-koo-NA-piece