Says You online availability

Listener Bill has a question for us:

I usually love your show, but I was ecstatic over the “Previous Line of a Song” episode that I heard on your April 14, 2016 show.
My sister teaches choral music in a high school and I think that she would really enjoy that episode. How can I get an audio copy to share with her?

The answer? Our current season of Says You! is a podcast. We have an app available in the iTunes App Store a mere .99 cents and then each week a new show is aired, you will receive it for free!  We are currently in the process of finalizing an Android version as well. Thank you, Bill!

Birds of a feather…

Special thanks to listener Caroline for expanding our knowledge:

We have always suspected in the mountain west that national media doesn’t even know about any other part of the nation than the east coast.  As soon as you announced “lek” as a word to define listeners in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho knew it.  Those of us who have had the opportunity to see sage grouse on display on a lek had a marvelous show as a gathering of many male grouse strut and display.  Tails are fanned out and up, breasts expanded and puffed up into two huge, white pillows, and a distinctive wup, wup sound they make – to attract hens, who are typically dull colored birds off at the side.  Leks are certainly not set aside by government game and fish folks, but are sites that go back in time and returned to yearly by these birds. If you know where to go to see the display that is one of your special secrets.

Close, but no cigar…

Ralph and and Deborah from San Pablo, CA wanted to remind us to get our facts straight on the Leadbelly song “good Night Irene” reference from our recent Florida show:

In the film “Sometimes A Great Notion,” it is Richard Jaeckel’s character (‘Joe Ben Stamper’) that drowns, and not Paul Newman’s (‘Hank Stamper”)