Low Lily – Woodstock

Flynn Cohen and Liz Simmons from the band Low Lily joined Says You! as guest musicians while in Woodstock.

More on Low Lily can be found here on their website

Flynn composed two pieces just for this show.  One is the “Says You!” opening theme and the other is a tribute to the late John McGann.  John played with Says You! for a number of years – and knew the answers to many, many of the questions. John was a highly talented and exceptionally well-regarded musician, who made art of the mandolin.
Here is the setlist from the live Woodstock show.
Theme – Hangman
1. The Girl Who Broke My Heart and Murphy’s Hornpipe (2:25)
2. Wondertwin Flowers (2:15)
3. The Good Part (2:36)
4. The Dogwood (2:50)