“Ambushed” once again!

Our thanks go out to Leroy for continuing the discourse and the paper trail.

On the show that aired on Wisconsin Public Radio’s WHAD-FM today, Sunday, September 25, you had a question involving the game, “Dungeons and Dragons.” Almost as an aside, you mentioned that Gary Gygax was an insurance underwriter. I don’t believe that this is the case as is explained in the article “The Ambush at Sheridan Springs” by Jon Peterson.

Screen Saver

So what do writing staff really do on their summer vacations? Says You! writer Nat Segaloff has just released a memoir about the celebrities he has worked with as movie publicist, critic, and producer. What it reveals about them and the inside workings of the entertainment industry will keep you turning the pages. But don’t take our word for it – actually, please do take our word for it! Screen Saver: Private Stories of Public Hollywood is available now in hardcover, paperback, e-book, and Kindle from Bear Manor Media and Amazon.

Share the Spotlight

Listener Erica from the Boston would like to hear…

I have a suggestion for a spotlight round. It was from episode #1218 and it was a round involving movies within movies. Tony was desperately grasping for the name of the movie (“that guy was in it” and “there were trees”) and Richard let the whole thing go on for two and a half minutes. Yes, we timed it. My husband and I found it very funny.

Love the show.

We welcome your suggestions for spotlight rounds. Send in your request and we will do our best!

Wit for Brits

We moved to Wales UK and purchased the app to keep in touch with the show which we love. But no new shows have been posted since we bought it. What’s up? We are getting frantic.

Cheers, Robin Glover.
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So glad to hear from you – and hope you are loving your new experience! You should know that one of the biggest inspirations for the show was the British show “My Word” – and in all the years of hearing from media companies that we should “dumb down” the show – it was the notion of “My Word” that kept us steadfast. The only little secret we can share is that in the My Word “shaggy dog stories” (which were brilliant) the panelists were given a week or more to craft their response. Nothing, absolutely nothing, on Says You! is rehearsed or shared ahead of time with the panelists.

So, back to the app – we take a summer hiatus – as such, there are no new shows currently, but the new shows will begin again in late September following the NPR calendar. Again, thank you for reaching out – most of all, thank you for listening! Stay in touch.

‘Dancing with the Stars’ of Says You!

This season opens with Tom Bergeron, host of Dancing with the Stars and America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Tom joins the cast of Says You! in San Bernardino – reuniting with good friends and with lots of laughs.  Our hosts, Rick Dulock and Lillian Vasquez of KVCR, arranged for us to perform on the stage where Bob Hope once entertained.  What a pleasure to play our brand of Says You! in a beautiful cypress-beamed auditorium with immense historical significance.  The entire cast of Says You! says, “Thanks for the memory” and welcome to a new season.