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Pyrotechnic Prophylactic

Ralph, a listener on KQED, writes…

“During your recent broadcast involving lists (beers of the world, languages, et al), your listing of various kinds of pyrotechnics (‘Falling Leaves,’ ‘Peony,’ etc.) left out my favorite, that I once found in a catalog of Chinese fireworks. It was translated into english as ‘Monkey Violates The Heavens.’  I’ve never witnessed one of these going off, but I’m sure that it is spectacular (and I would be sure to wear a wide-brimmed hat, just in case.)

But keep up the great work, just the same!”

It’s NOT in the Pudding!

Tony, who hears us on KQED, writes…

“Episode 1209, spotlight round asked about the origin of ‘proof.’ Dick Francis wrote a novel with exactly that title. He alleged that a liquid with 50 percent alcohol would burn with a blue flame. Back in the dark ages, when the king was collecting taxes on alcoholic beverages, a sample would be ignited. If the flame was blue, the liquid was 50 percent alcohol, 100 percent proved.

I must add that the book is a novel, therefore fiction by definition. But I love the story.”