Who doesn’t love Gilbert and Sullivan?

Adam S. who listens to us on KUOW in Washington State wrote in sharing some knowledge on the brain buster question heard in last weeks show…

Loved the G&S themed puzzle in last night’s show. Particularly enjoyed the “When was Act I of Pirates set?” question, as I’ve used this brain teaser myself. However – if I do the math – I believe the answer provided and accepted on the show was wrong. If so, why, it would change the points given, and that might change the all important score! 🙂 On the other hand, it’s entirely possible that I’m mistaken, and I’d love to have my confusion cleared up either way.

Frederic is celebrating his 21st birthday as these things are usually counted. The 21st occurrence of February 29th (after his natal day) in his life will be in 1840. This means 21 leap years *after* his birth. Because 1800 is not a leap year (as correctly pointed out on the show), this will be 88 years after his birth year. Therefore, he was born in 1840 – 88 = 1852, making Act I take place on Feb 28th (or March 1st) of 1873, not 1877 as answered during the show.

Finally! by: margot84

A fan who listens through iTunes wrote a review on the Podcast.
margot84 wrote on January 10, 2016

So glad this is finally on iTunes. I live in a place that doesn’t get Says You on the local NPR station, so I had to find it on other stations and stream it (thanks for many broadcasts though Yellowstone Public Radio, WRP, and WGBH). Truly the smartest, quickest, funniest group of people on radio. And some of the weirdest puns you’ll ever hear. Always laugh at Carolyn Faye Fox’s strange, wonderful sense of humor. Though I miss the wonderful original host Richard Sher, the new host has hit his stride and the show remains wonderful. Thank you so much for finally putting the show on iTunes.

Update on the panelists!

Lenore Shannon is having a lot of fun writing and producing her comedy podcast “The Tribulations of Paulette”, which chronicles the misadventures of a Boston housewife trying to find the “me who went missing” at mid life. It is now in its third season and is available for download on iTunes, YouTube Facebook and SoundCloud. Check out the website:

Come and ring in the New Year with Says You!

Tickets for the Weston, MA shows at Regis College will be available at the door for $40, cash only! Happy New Year!!