Rules To Live By – Or Not

Krish, a KQED listener from San Francisco, wrote to us about one of his favorite rounds:

One of my favorite segments on the program included opposite aphorisms like “the pen is mightier than the sword” and “actions speak louder than words” among others.

Would you know how I could find this show segment? I’d love to hear it on the radio or the podcast in the near future!

This particular pair of opposing aphorisms was used in a round we called “Mixed Messages” of SY-1004. In this week’s episode of Says You! you can hear a new round of contradictory proverbs in a round we call “Pro-verbs and Anti-verbs.”

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Alternative Answers

Lisa, armchair panelist from Champaign, IL and listener on WILL-AM, is shouting answers into the radio:

I enjoyed this morning’s ‘new words’ game created by combining/altering two existing words to make a new word.

I appreciate the answer ‘hamazon.’ My guess, though, was Amazoink. It rightly puts the referenced words in the order to in which they were presented — as one of your panelists suggested they should have been — although being strictly proper would, perhaps, make things not quite as enjoyable!

Love the show!! Please know that it doesn’t really matter to me what the answers are. ツ

We’d go whole hog for Amazoink! Did any of our Dictitious definitions inspire a new word? Let us know in the comments!



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“The Heady Days of 1971,” Commentary by Arnie Reisman

Blue-penciler and poet, original Says You! panelist Arnie Reisman, reflects on how The Post reminds us of a bygone era of American politics and journalism. Arnie retells his chance meeting with Daniel Ellsberg, the whistleblower of the Pentagon Papers, during his time at the Boston Globe.

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Says You! From San Francisco

Listen this week on your local station! Presented by KQED from the San Francisco War Memorial – this episode of Says You! is played by Lexicographer Erin McKean, Reporter Mina Kim, with music by the incredible Perla Batalla.

There’s a Word For It

Lara, who listens on KAZU from Escondido, CA, discovered that there really is a word for everything. Now, when she asks someone to pass the “aberuncator,” they respond, “the what?” and after a moment of doubt, how did I marry such a loser? she sighs, “the long-handled picker.” 

Thank you Says You for telling me what my dad and I for years was calling a long-handled picker was really called aberuncators. Did not know we had one until we heard your definition. Can you repeat that round in your look back. Thanks, Lara

We’re sorry for the wasted years calling aberuncators “long-handled pickers.” You’re welcome, for a word nearly as long as its description. Keep an ear out for “aberuncator” in an upcoming spotlight round.

There’s long, then there’s llllooooonnnnngggg

Jeff, a listener on Asheville’s WCQS, weighed in on a conversation about the longest words featured in Says You! bluffing rounds:

Regarding the question about the longest words ever used for a bluffing round, I’m sure there are many that are longer than those in your list, but my favorites are:


If you have a long, short, obscure, funny, or interesting word send them our way!

Listen in with special host Dave Zobel

Listen this on your local station! Presented by KQED from the Palo Alto JCC – this episode of Says You! is played by Lexicographer Erin McKean, Reporter Rachael Myrow, with music by the Stanford Fleet Street Singers. Writer and associate producer Dave Zobel steps up to the lectern.