Saxon Syntax Sampling

In all the excitement of last weekend’s show from Hartford, Richard forgot to spell the German words he used in segment two.  For those curious, they were:



Thanks to all who reminded us to list these ‘Teutonic Twosomes.’

Dualities Confirmed

From Roger Neate of parts unknown:

Richard Sher made the comment that the United States does not allow dual
citizenship. It was something to do with Winston Churchill being a special case.
This is odd, because I am a dual US/Canadian citizen. I think, if you dig deeply
enough into the relevant US federal government web sites, you will find it is
quite legal and they do admit as much. But they do seem to like keeping it a bit
of a secret. The last time I looked, it was quite difficult to find a statement
one way or the other.

You’re right, Roger! The US does allow dual citizenship and you can find out more about it on the US State Department’s website. Thanks for the feedback!