Bill who listens to us on WVPS Vermont Public Radio says…

I have been listening to your show as often as possible for years, and finally got the podcast today so I won’t miss another episode. My six year old grandson loves the show, and I can only think it is because you have so much fun doing it. Great panelists.

Thank you for all of your support throughout the years, Bill! We are thrilled you are able to share the show with your grandson as well.

We love our listeners!

Great article by a long time listener, Bev!

Walt and I and the dogs don’t do a lot as a family, unless you count the Sunday morning ritual of Walt’s sharing sausage with both me and the dogs when he cooks his breakfast after Mass. I love that tradition — so do the dogs.

But on Sunday evening, the four of us gather around the radio in the living room and listen to Says You.

Walt will come into my office and let me know that…

Read more from Bev here…

Thank you Bev for your support in the past, and thanks for becoming a fan once again!

Streaming for You

From listener Garrett Gowan:
Thank you for distributing the show through iTunes! I used to listen on WGBH/WCAI when I lived on Cape Cod, and now that I’ve moved out to Iowa for grad school I can still listen (my local station doesn’t seem to carry the show). My girlfriend and I even went to one of the shows at Regis College while we were visiting family for Christmas. It was absolutely wonderful.
Thank you again for making the show more accessible…it’s easier to share with friends now!

More Birmingham tickets available!!

Due to the quick ticket sales for the show in Birmingham to celebrate Mother’s Day and WBHM’s Birthday we have made additional seats available! Get yours now before they sell out completely!

Arnie Reisman’s Clara Bow Died For Our Sins

Our resident panelist, Arnie Reisman, has published a fantastic collection of poems and photos during his tenure as Poet Laureate of Martha’s Vineyard. Clara Bow Died For Our Sins is available for purchase on Amazon. Get your copy today!