An Invitation from Little Rhody

When the signal comes through Paul listens on 89.7 WGBH from Boston, but wishes we’d come visit Rhode Island.

I have been an avid fan and listener of the show for many years as a writer and a museum Archivist. I am a resident of Rhode Island and for as long as I can remember, I don’t think the show has ever come to Rhode Island before.

There are many theaters the show could be hosted at, from the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Providence to the historic Jane Pickens Theater in Newport. Both amazing cities of beauty and historic importance in the U.S.

I’m sure the Rhode Island community would love to have the show! 

We’d love to broadcast on Rhode Island Public Radio! Any Rhode Island listeners who can back Paul up?

What was that word?

Thor writes from Montreal, Canada, attempting to confirm a word.

I am trying to recall one of the words defined on the program. The correct definition was “To fluff up cushions on a couch or sofa.” I thought the word was something like “chounce”… but I can’t find the word anywhere or confirm the spelling.

Chounse (which can be spelled with a ‘c’ but less commonly so) can be heard in round four of our podcast episode titled “Big-Time Professionals.” Subscribe anywhere podcasts are found for new words delivered every week.

Father’s Day Letter from a Nashville Listener

Earlier this week we received a letter that really pulled at our heartstrings. Marcia sent a great submission and shared what Says You! has meant to her:

Thanks for writing Marcia. See you in Nashville on Father’s Day.

Asheville Tickets (ALMOST) Sold Out

There are a very limited number of seats to see Says You! live in Asheville! Head to our ticket page for details!


Job Description Hunting

Shannon from Asheville is in search of a round all about jobs, but can’t seem to find it:

Yesterday afternoon I was listening on our local NPR station. I heard a portion of the broadcast that I want to hear again and share. I work for the school system and laughed at this portion. We focus a lot on job skills and I have a collection of interesting job titles that I share with some of the students. I have listened again through the link on the website and did not hear what I was looking for. This portion was defining job duties and was contributed by someone in Tenn. Please help me find this portion. I know that this was a rebroadcast and not a new show.

Because we give priority to public radio stations across the country, we wait until every station has aired Says You! before we post the show online. An episode you hear over the weekend won’t play until the following Friday. Subscribe to Says You! on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, or anywhere else podcasts are found, to listen to our Nashville repeat (and hear those job skills) as soon as it’s released.


Unwitting Volunteers – A Nashville Repeat

Before you meet us in Nashville or Asheville, revisit our first trip to the Volunteer state with a Says You! throwback. Richard Sher pits stereo right vs. left from the James K. Polk Theater at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.


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