Job Description Hunting

Shannon from Asheville is in search of a round all about jobs, but can’t seem to find it:

Yesterday afternoon I was listening on our local NPR station. I heard a portion of the broadcast that I want to hear again and share. I work for the school system and laughed at this portion. We focus a lot on job skills and I have a collection of interesting job titles that I share with some of the students. I have listened again through the link on the website and did not hear what I was looking for. This portion was defining job duties and was contributed by someone in Tenn. Please help me find this portion. I know that this was a rebroadcast and not a new show.

Because we give priority to public radio stations across the country, we wait until every station has aired Says You! before we post the show online. An episode you hear over the weekend won’t play until the following Friday. Subscribe to Says You! on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, or anywhere else podcasts are found, to listen to our Nashville repeat (and hear those job skills) as soon as it’s released.


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