Welcome Gregg Porter as our New Host!

Please help me welcome Gregg Porter of KUOW as our new host of Says You!. Porter’s move to the lectern was announced in the most recent edition of Current, and his first official episode, recorded at Vermont Public Radio, will air this weekend – last weekend of April. The Vermont shows were made possible with help of Ty Robertson and Robin Turnau, I thank both for their continued support. Barry Nolan, panelist emeritus, returns to his rightful seat at our table, chair six, as a permanent player on Says You!

I am thrilled to announce that Says You! has joined an exclusive club with our landmark 500th episode, recorded in Salt Lake City. A very special thanks to Lauren Colucci for helping us mark this special occasion.

I am on my way with the cast to Wisconsin Public Radio to celebrate with two live performances as WPR kicks off their second centennial on the air. In late June, Gregg Porter will play to a home crowd when Says You! performs live shows in Seattle and Port Townsend. Please reach out if you have any questions or just want to catch up.



Laura P. Sher, Executive Producer – Says You!

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  1. Christine Crosser
    Christine Crosser says:

    Congratulations to Gregg Porter, of our own local NPR station, KUOW, for a punderful performance as Says You’s new host! You have some mighty big boots to fill, but you jumped right in and alleviated any misgivings I may have had by demonstrating a definite comfort in the role. May your run be long, humorous, and successful!

  2. Marla Herbig
    Marla Herbig says:

    We will never forget Gregg Porter’s masterful performance when he filled in, at the very last moment, for one of the panelists while in Seattle. There he was, in his Hawaiian shirt, joining right in. He will be a terrific host!

  3. Frith
    Frith says:

    I worked with Gregg years ago here in Seattle and am so happy to see his career bring him to the mic at one of my favourite radio shows. Congratulations Gregg!


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