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Elizabeth from Janesville, WI writes,

When I was in high school, our family enjoyed gathering around the radio on Saturday evenings to listen to Says You!. Yes, our family was nerdy enough that all 5 of us teenagers willingly listened to a word show on the weekends, even to the extent of allowing words to skip into our lexicon. Particularly the word “sproo”, used to refer to the act of pulling through the parking spot in front of you to avoid backing out. We’ve spread the use to friends and family, as well.
Our family has since spread across the country but several of us do still turn in via either radio or the app. So I was hoping, for nostalgia’s sake, to hear the game that has the word we still use. 

Have an episode or round you’d like to hear again? We welcome your suggestions for spotlight rounds. Send in your request and we will do our best!

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  1. Linda Ferrazzara
    Linda Ferrazzara says:

    How funny, Elizabeth! That is a GREAT word! My daughter and I were at that show and we, too, still use that word. There were a bunch of other worthy words, if I remember correctly… I second Elizabeth’s request!


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