Shelter in Poetry

Craving an escape from politics and pandemics? Try a panacea of poetry!  Arnie Reisman’s new anthology is packed with immunity-boosting insight.  Explore new territory (Arnie’s mind) without the downside of air travel.

Arnie Reisman shares his thoughts in poetic form. It’s April -America’s national poetry month – and this April is a perfect time to read, write, and think.

“Keep washing until hope shines through

I feel I’m living through the pages cut
From the first printing of the Book of Job
(The God-approved edition)
It was some segment about the threat
Of end of days or evolution of species

I feel I’ve been given the job
Of finding where to punctuate
A run-on sentence heading for the final period
At a time when all pens,
Pencils & cursors have vanished…”

CLICK HERE to read the full poem by Arnie Reisman at the Vineyard Gazette.

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