Snookered Again?

In a recent rebroadcast, a definition caught the attention of Kqed listener Michelle of Hayward, CA:

I am writing in the hopes of getting a bit more information on a word that was defined on your “A Fall Festival of Gerunds” episode. In this episode, during the “Bluff” segment of the show, the panelists were asked to define the word “blimbing.” I was quite excited when I learned that the definition of the word was “a two-rail kick in billiards” as my spouse is a master-ranked pool player part of the Billiards Congress of America (BCA) as well as Cue Sports International (CSI). Aster the show, I immediately called him and asked him about the word. To my surprise, he had never heard of it until that moment. Curious, he began asking around at some of his Bay-area pool leagues and at billiards tournaments; however, no one with whom he has spoken has heard of this word either.

We have “Googled.” We have “OED-ed.” And we have found nothing on “blimbing” as defined as a two-rail kick in billiards.

So, Says You, have you bluffed us? Or, is there a place to which you can point us to learn more about this word, its origins, and its usage?

Since another name for the game of billiards is “carambole” (from which we get “carom”), some say that “blimbing” is a play on words: the blimbing and the carambola (note the final “a”) are two closely related species of tree. Sound plausible? Let us know what you think.

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