Says You! takes the tense out of the present 

For those in your life with the gift of gab

Nothing is better than a book filled with questions from our radio-lab

Simply sit back and celebrate

we ship priority so those books won’t be late

If you’ve already purchased Volumes 1 & 2 – the quips and scripts of Says You!

There’s plenty more – and not necessarily designed for the old man who you hear snore

A mug with a saying that is a bona fide plug

A t-shirt with a logo that matches our app

A cap with a phrase – worthy of note

And finally, there’s our new twist on the gift that lasts forever  – yes, the traditional tote.

Stay in the easy chair and reach for the laptop

There is simply no better way to shop.

head right on over to

and shop for everything a “word nerd” will be elated to get

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