A nit to pick about the coot

Kay from Austin, TX writes –

“A nit to pick re your bird related definitions/derivations from Port Washington/Chimacum. The coot isn’t bald, i.e., a featherless spot on its forehead. It simply has the appearance of baldness thanks to the white feathers there. The same rationale is why our national avian symbol is the bald eagle.”

We like nit pickers here at Says You!  It keeps us and our listeners on their toes.

“Bald” has two meanings: having white feathers/hairs on the head (e.g., the bald eagle) and actually lacking feathers/hairs on at least a portion of the head (e.g., the coot).
All of that was in the script but didn’t make it into the show.


We do thank you for your eagle eyes or perhaps in this case “ears” for catching something worth revisiting with our listeners.

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