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Tammy discovered our show in Boston, but now she listens from Palatine, IL. With the Says You! podcast listen wherever, whenever.

I’ve been listening for years, as my dad and I found you years ago on WGBH in Boston. Imagine my delight to find Says You again via podcast where I can listen whenever I like. You recently aired a classic episode with Richard where we had the word antediluvian in a spelling round. I remember that word from a previous episode, although I’m not sure if it was a bluffing round or a definitions & derivations round. What I do remember is someone (Maybe Tony?) suggesting that antediluvian was the woman who married uncle diluvian. I would love to hear that silly bit again if you can find it.

Tammy we’re looking for Aunt Diluvian now and will let you know as soon as we find her! Do you have a favorite word or round you’d like to hear again? Let us know any maybe you’ll hear it on air!

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  1. Chuck Green
    Chuck Green says:

    It was from a classic round which I played on the SaysYou app earlier this month. Antediluvian was discussed in a challenge to spell some surprising words, all now-more-or-less commonly known, which had been the winning ones in the final round of several national spelling bees. The list included luge and croissant!


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