Callie Crossley on Says You!

Callie Crossley joins the cast of Says You! on Cape Cod at the Tilden Arts Center on Saturday, September 23rd from 4:00pm -6:30PM.

Host of WGBH Radio’s Under the Radar, Crossely’s weekly commentaries are heard on WGBH’s Morning Edition, and she is regular on WGBH TV’s Beat the Press. Nationally she is a television and radio commentator on CNN’s Reliable SourcesThe PBS News Hour and PRI’s The Takeaway. The recipient of numerous accolades and awards, she is living proof that English majors can be over-achievers in real life. For more on Callie Crossley visit her website and be sure to visit us all together in a live performance of Says You!

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  1. Linda Ferrazzara
    Linda Ferrazzara says:

    This is great news! It’s been a while since I’ve watched “Greater Boston” but I still remember one show, many years ago, when Callie Crossley brought up the issue of “reliable” online news outlets broadcasting stories from other “reliable” online news outlets without properly vetting them first, just accepting them at face value based on the reputation of the source. She made the point that once a dubious story had made it onto one reputable online website, it would soon be spread far and wide across all outlets and taken as unquestioned fact. Prescient! This was well before the epidemic of “alternate facts” spread through social media.


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