Quips on the Quimper – Listen Now!

Our first show from Port Townsend, a community event for The Jefferson Clemente Course in the Humanities, airs this weekend. This is not the first time the cast has journeyed from Seattle by ferry to Bainbridge and beyond.  Our much admired friends, Brion Toss and Pattie Miles joined Barry to team up against Carolyn, Murray, and Lela Hilton, Director of The Jefferson Clemente Course and our champion hostess.  Thanks to Finnriver Farms for hosting our meet and greet! There’s no better way to prepare for punning and puzzling than cider, crepes, and friends. Tune into your local station for some Quips on the Quimper.

We would tell you how great the night was, but our friends at The Port Townsend Leader were taking notes all night. They summed up the fun here.



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