A new episode from Seattle, WA with Alex Horwitz

Fans of the hit musical Hamilton shouldn’t miss this week’s episode from Town Hall in Seattle, Washington. Our guest is Alex Horwitz, director and producer of Hamilton’s America, the PBS documentary that dives in to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s creation of Hamilton; with interviews on the plays impact that include President Barack Obama, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Questlove. Check your local listings to hear Alex Horwitz this weekend and find out more about Hamilton’s America here.

Also, does that guy’s name sound familiar? Horwitz…

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  1. Lorin D Wold
    Lorin D Wold says:

    Was there for those shows with Alex Horwitz and for all who didn’t get to see him you will enjoy him as much as his father. He has a wonderful and quick wit and I recommend to bring him back when possible. Both shows my mother and I attended at Town Hall Seattle were great except for the lack of air conditioning(listen for Barry’s comment on the heat). I blame the Christian Scientists who had the place built in the early 20th century. If you get a chance to see a show in person I urge you to do so it is a fun time!


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